Sunday, December 19, 2010

Secret Revealed

Today the secret was revealed. I had a knock on my door after coming home from church. But instead of finding just one family revealing that they were our secret Santa I found a whole group of people. About four adults and too many children to count from all different families in my church were standing at my door. As they sung "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and gave us our last piece to the Nativity (baby Jesus) I of course started to cry. I was just shocked to realized that it was such a big group of people wanting to bring such joy to me and my girls. After they were done singing I had kids saying things like "I knocked the first night" or "I was the one that gave you the candy" etc. Those children are just so sweet and seeing all their smiling faces at my door was so uplifting. As I thanked them over and over again they all started asking Eva for hugs goodbye and I again just felt so thankful for all these loving people in my life. And to those wonderful parents for teaching their children and mine what the Christmas season is really all about. I feel that they have helped fulfill my grown up Christmas list this year.

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Rachel B said...

Such a great post. Thanks Andi.