Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well it's finally that time....deployment has begun. I have to say that I am actually feeling some relief today. The past few days leading up to him leaving have been really hard for me. It was like I had anxiety, sadness and guilt all mixed together. I had anxiety over going to the airport and having to actually say goodbye. I was sad for my girls and the fact that we will miss him so much and I had guilt that I needed to make his time with us perfect, but I wasn't doing a good enough job. Like I constantly had the thought, "this could be the last time he gets to eat this or watch this or do this with you and the girls." It was an awful feeling. So yesterday my stomach was just in knots. When we finally got to the airport it was better, I think I just needed to get there. I don't know why that made a difference but it did. The army reserved a hanger so we could visit inside or out on the runway before take off. Here is Greg with his Brothers and sister.

We were all pretty happy until they announced we had 10 minutes before they had to board the plane. Everyone said their final goodbyes and cried a little but we all stayed pretty composed. Thankfully.

They look so happy for saying goodbye :)

This was the only moment that I cried. I knew that breaking down just wasn't something I wanted to do or felt that it would help in anyway so I wipe away those stupid tears and gave Greg one last kiss before he headed off to the plane. I feel that we are on the verge of a whole new experience and if anyone can do it's our family. I am too strong willed to let this get me down. And I am just so proud of Greg. I know he will do his job well and what a great day it will be when he comes back to me.