Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Day PJ's from Daddy

The other day the girls and I got our Valentines Day presents from Greg. He is so so thoughtful and sweet. He sent Pajama Grams to all of us. The girls pj's are super cute because they came wrapped in a little dog house with a stuffed puppy. The girls loved it.

I like their shirts the best and I am so thankful to have such a sweet, loving husband who always thinks of me and his little girls.

Greg got me a pair of nursing pajamas which will come in handy in about 2 months. They are super cute and I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures with me in them once the baby is born.
I also just wanted to add this picture of the girls. Every night after they have had their baths and are ready for bed Layla always points to the floor and says, "Eva here, here." So Eva will lay down and then Layla will proceed to climb on top of her and start tickling her. It's really cute and they both laugh and laugh. What sweet little girls. They're Daddy's little Valentines for sure.