Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going Away Party

This past Friday we had a going away party for Greg. He leaves this Saturday for 3 weeks for training. Comes home for a week and then he leaves for deployment. So this was the best time to get a party in before he is gone. We just had a small get together with Greg's closest family and friends but even with hosting a low key party I still found myself stressing out about decorations, food and hoping people would come. But like always it turned out just fine and it touched me to see everyone there to support Greg.

These are the tables I decorated.

The Army has a program called the flat daddy. Basically you send in a picture of your soldier to a partisipating store and they will make a life size cut out of them from the waist up for free. It is suppose to help small children remember their daddy while they are gone. I really wanted to have ours for the party. Luckly it was ready that day. Everyone got a kick out of it.

Layla and Eva loved it. Layla just loves to kiss her flat Daddy.

Other than that everyone just visited and we had dinner and a cake.

A few people got Greg gifts. I had a calender made for him with pictures of me and the girls so he can see us all the time :)

It was really nice to have so many people there to support Greg.

He will be greatly missed.