Friday, June 4, 2010

To all you Army Wives

Today one of those ads popped up on the side of my Facebook page and it was a site for personalized T-shirts. I went on it and they have a Army wife section. I found a ton that I liked and I am going to get one or two but I wanted to post my top 20 favorite sayings. Some are sweet and some are funny and of course they look so much cuter on the shirt with pretty fonts and colors but you can still get the idea.

1. You don't know stress until you've been an army wife

2. Army wives are bad ass

3. Army wives are like diamonds...brilliant & tough

4. Sexually deprived for your freedom

5. Not all women are created equal..some become army wives

6. Military wives have what it takes...and then some

7. There is no love like a soldier and his wife. Army love. Army Strong.

8. You think you know...but you have no idea

9. I'd rather be the widow of a hero than a wife of a coward

10. I married my Hero

11. My soldier rocks his dog tags

12. This girl is army strong

13. It's just an army kind of probably couldn't handle it

14. Army wives do it better

15. If you love your freedom thank my soldier

16. You don't know stress until you've been an army wife

17. I can handle anything! (I'm an army wife)

18. He got deployed so I got this shirt

19. Half of my heart in in Iraq

20. Distance makes the heart grow stronger

So those are my favorites. If you would like to see more the site is


Rachel B said...

The music in the background makes all the quotes even more emotional...and beautiful.

John and Melanie said...

Andrea, Thanks for keeping this blog. I know it will help us all appreciate your and Greg's experiences. A constant reminder that he is fighting for all of us. Let him know that we are all proud of him and love your family.